Social Programs

Social Program

The 2012 social program offers delegates fantastic opportunities to mingle with colleagues and delegates. Bookings for these events can be made through the online registration process available on the Registration page.

Welcome Reception

Join presenters, fellow delegates, sponsors and exhibitors in officially opening the Conference in style for an evening of canapés and drinks.

Date: Thursday 29 March 2012
Venue: Exhibition Display, Sydney Masonic Centre
Time: 5.00pm – 7.00pm
Dress Code: Cocktail Attire
Delegate Ticket Cost: Included for registered full delegates
Additional Ticket Cost: $75.00

Congress Dinner

You are invited to join us for dinner, what is sure to be the highlight of the social program. Enjoy a night of fine food, wine and entertainment. The dinner will conclude at around 11pm; however the night is still young and you can choose from a myriad of restaurants and bars in Sydney and Cockle Bay if you wish to continue in the festive spirit.

Date: Friday 30 March 2012
Venue: Dockside, The Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf
Time: 6.30pm for 7:00pm – 11.00pm
Dress Code: Cocktail Attire
Delegate Ticket Cost: $130.00

Field Trip (Half Day)

Date: Tuesday 3 April 2012
Time: 9.30am – 11.30am
Venue: The Cairns Diabetic Centre
381 Sheridan Street
Cairns, Queensland, 4870
Delegate Ticket Cost: $30.00
Please note all delegates who wish to attend the above field trip must make their own way to and from Cairns.

Understanding the Value of Personalized Jewellery

Understanding the Value of Personalized Jewellery

Most people fail to understand that personalized jewellery cannot be placed on the same scale with any other type of jewelry. This is a product that carries much value and deserves to be kept well. In many instances, you will find shops that offer customization based on the preferences of the buyer. However, what matters most is quality, which in this case implies the materials used and design made should be top notch. You may realize due to the high demand this type of jewelry commands, unscrupulous business people have devised new ways to rip people off. There has been massive production of Recreational Studio personalised jewellery using low quality materials that resemble original metals that are used in this jewelry. 

When buying online, it is advisable to do so with top vigilance as many shops are established by novices and there are chances you may not be satisfied with the final product. Personalised travel wallet from is about uniqueness, so when you order, they should prove creative enough to offer a product that is unique for you. Take some time to learn about what different shops offer and you can ask for samples to see whether they can offer something impressive. 

You may also need to know about the return policy issued by a specific company. When products fail to satisfy the needs of the customer, it is necessary to include a return policy, either to allow the customer to get well customized personalized jewellery, or to get a refund if the job proves shoddy. 

Before making your order, make sure you have a list of reputable dealers, who are able to offer the best quality. This will help you to get a unique piece of personalized jewellery that will impress even friends and other people. Doing so makes it easy to get an item that will take care of your needs.

The Search For Vinyl Flooring in Adelaide

The Search For Vinyl Flooring in Adelaide

There are many advantages to vinyl flooring installation. Vinyl flooring can often be highly inexpensive and therefore can easily accommodate all different types of budgets. It’s also extremely versatile and can work well with many different varieties of home design schemes. Whether an individual is looking to decorate a modern home or a cosy one with a traditional appeal, vinyl flooring can be a great match.

If an individual is searching for vinyl flooring in Adelaide, he can relax knowing that the coastal city has an abundance of options available to him. Vinyl flooring in Adelaide is extremely plentiful. Many residences in Adelaide choose vinyl as their flooring material of choice. Many businesses have vinyl as a flooring material, too. Since vinyl is extremely strong, it can tolerate a lot of people walking over it every day. This is a must for businesses that get a lot of customers. It’s also great for households that have many residents.

Searching for vinyl floors Adelaide from doesn’t require much more than a reliable internet connection. Many vinyl flooring businesses in the city have websites that detail their installation processes and supplies. People who are searching for reliable vinyl flooring in Adelaide can also seek suggestions from trusted individuals in their lives. If a person who just purchased a home wants vinyl flooring for his entire property, he can get recommendations for honest and skilled businesses in the city by talking to other homeowners who already have vinyl floors. This is why finding vinyl flooring in Adelaide is generally not a problem for people.

Vinyl flooring can change peoples’ lives for the better. The material is budget-friendly. It doesn’t call for a lot of regular maintenance, which is good for people who don’t have a lot of time. It’s even highly resistant to moisture. Since vinyl floors are 100 percent waterproof, they’re typically excellent options for all different parts of homes and businesses. Many people have vinyl floors in their kitchens and bathrooms, for example.